Sales and Inventory System (SaIS)

Sales and Inventory System (SaIS)

Sales and inventory system is an integral part of a business. Many still don’t realize it but having one can be the only difference between a growing and a dwindling company – especially in today’s digitized society.

The purpose of sales and inventory system is to simplify business transactions, to organize records of them and to keep the data secure. These functions can reduce labor cost, speed up business processes and forecast business trends.

Just imagine. Instead of writing or typing receipts, invoices and billing statements, what if you can have them printed in just a few clicks? What if you can solve profits, payments, balances and credits in a matter of minutes? It would be so much easier, right?

SaIS can also secure business data and present it in an organized manner. You can easily read and use that data to predict sales number, adjust inventories and prepare contingencies. Talking about dodging a bullet, it could save your company from devastating losses.

A sale and inventory system (SaIS) can do all of that for you. It would give you so much more time to spend on the other aspects of your businesses. Let’s say, product development or customer service.

Here’s one example of our Sales and Inventory System. This one was developed particularly for a local-based tire company.

Sales and inventory system by Platypus Design

We can build one for you too!

Partner with us! Let’s develop your very own Sales and Inventory System.

Outsource or Go Broke!?

Outsource or Go Broke!?

Can passing up outsourcing really kill your business?

Outsourcing has been a popular business operation option eversince. And it has become even more popular these past few years. It’s all thanks to the Internet and the globalization that it brings. But will it fatally hit your business if you are not to engage in it?

The revenue generated by Information Technology Outsoursing (ITO) alone in 2014 reached up to 76.1 billion U.S. dollars based on

But while it’s clear that there’s money in outsourcing for those who can provide information-technology-based services, let’s take a closer look to the other side of it. Being the outsourcer, can you gain something significant out of it?

The answer is a big YES! And we mean not just for large companies. In fact, outsourcing is even more beneficial to small and medium scale enterprises.

So does that mean passing up this business strategy could really end your company? Well, not automatically. However, it can greatly affect your financial resources as well as your competitive edge. Here’s how.

Why Outsource?

Businesses, big or small, are now on an even playing field when it comes marketing. The Internet allows anyone to advertise his or her products to prospects wherever they are in the world. Geography has no power now to hitch businesses.

Nonetheless, to be able to market on the web, an online center of operation is needed – namely your website.

Now imagine every business having its own website except you. That gives them an edge to reach out to more possible customers. That means they can sell more than you.

And because convenience is now a major standard in business, even if prospects know your company exists but can’t reach you in ways easy for them, chance is they’ll pick your competitor over you. Simply because it’s more convenient to make a deal with them.

So what do you do to avoid that disadvantage? Narrow the competition gap! To do that, first off, build a website. And that’s where information technology outsourcing comes in.

What’s Good with Outsourcing?

Creating a website and building a reputable image online need expertise and a lot of work. If you’re busy and not so much into programming and such stuff, that means you’ll have to hire people for the job. But getting it done in-house is very expensive!

With outsourcing though, you can down your spending. The reason is its pay-what-you-get scheme. Not to mention, you can get specific results faster.

You want a website? A freelance website designer, just a click away, can give you just that. And you only need to pay him or her after your site is done.

You want a graphic artist to make a logo for your company? There are numerous online graphic artists that you can hire and pay per project.

Now, let’s say you need someone to stitch the words for your website and online marketing strategies. Well, thousands of writers out there are ready to get the work done for you.

With the web now a major medium of information and communication, outsourcing is indeed an option that you shouldn’t renounce. Why? Because whilst it will not kill your business, it can maim it. And you know what happens next.

So why not give information technology outsourcing a try? It may just be your goldmine.