Sales and Inventory System (SaIS)

Sales and Inventory System (SaIS)

Sales and inventory system is an integral part of a business. Many still don’t realize it but having one can be the only difference between a growing and a dwindling company – especially in today’s digitized society.

The purpose of sales and inventory system is to simplify business transactions, to organize records of them and to keep the data secure. These functions can reduce labor cost, speed up business processes and forecast business trends.

Just imagine. Instead of writing or typing receipts, invoices and billing statements, what if you can have them printed in just a few clicks? What if you can solve profits, payments, balances and credits in a matter of minutes? It would be so much easier, right?

SaIS can also secure business data and present it in an organized manner. You can easily read and use that data to predict sales number, adjust inventories and prepare contingencies. Talking about dodging a bullet, it could save your company from devastating losses.

A sale and inventory system (SaIS) can do all of that for you. It would give you so much more time to spend on the other aspects of your businesses. Let’s say, product development or customer service.

Here’s one example of our Sales and Inventory System. This one was developed particularly for a local-based tire company.

Sales and inventory system by Platypus Design

We can build one for you too!

Partner with us! Let’s develop your very own Sales and Inventory System.